Kannazhaga Lyrics 3 Songs Lyrics


Song: Kannazhaga – The Kiss of Love…
Singers: Dhanush , Shruthi Hassan
Lyrics: Dhanush
Movie: 3
Music: Anirudh
Lyrics in Thanglish 
Exact translation of tamil words

Kannazhaga, kaalazhaga,
ponnazhaga, pen azhaga
Engaeyo thaedi sellum  viral azhaga
En kaiygal korthu kollum vidham azhaga

Uyire Uyire unaivida edhuvum
Uyril peridhaai illayadi
Azhagae azhagae unaivida edhuvum
azhagil azhagaai illaiyadi

Engaeyo paarkiraai, ennaenna solgiraai
Ellaigal thaandida maayangal seikiraai

Unnakul paarkiren, ulladhai solkiren
Unnuyir serndhida, naan vazhi paarkiren

Idhazhum idhazhum innaiyatume
pudhidhaai vazhigal illai
Immaigal moodi aruginil vaa
Idhupol edhuvum illai

Unnakul paarkava, ulladhai kaetkava
Ennuyir serndhida, naan vazhi sollava

Kannazhagae, Perazhagae,
Penazhagae, Ennazhagae

Uyire Uyire unaivida edhuvum
Uyril peridhaai illayadi
English Translation
I tried my best :)

Is eye beautiful? Are legs beautiful?
Is gold beautiful? Is the girl beautiful?
Is the finger that searches me beautiful?
Is the way of holding my hand beautiful?

Oh my soul oh my soul, nothing worth’s
more than you, in soul
Oh beauty Oh beauty, nothing is beautiful
than you, in beauty

You are Looking somewhere, telling me something Doing magic to cross the Limits

I am seeing in you, telling you the truth
I am seeing ways, to join your soul

May we join our lips
No other new way than this
Come nearby closing the eyes
Nothing is great like this.

May I see in you? May I ask the truth?
Shall I tell the way to join my soul?

Hey beautiful eyed girl, hey gorgeous girl
Hey beautiful girl, my beautiful girl

Oh my soul oh my soul, nothing worth’s more than you, in soul

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