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Singer: Karthik
Lyricist: Rohini
Movie: Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey
Music: Achu

Lyrics in Thanglish
Exact translation of tamil words

En uyire..... En uyire .....
Vaa arugey... Saarigaye.....

Neram vandhadhu, thaagam ninrathu
ithu enna maayam inru paadugiren

Aasai vandhadhu kobam ninradhu
nee en thendral inru kooruginren

En uyire..... En uyire .....
Vaa arugey... Saarigaye.....

Neethaane engum neethaane
paaradiye ennil un pinbam

Neengaadhe kanne neengaadhe
nee illayel naanum ini illaiye

oru vaarthai solla vidu kanne
antha nodiyil motha vaazhkaiyume
vaazhnthiduven anbe
uyir aadhaarame .....

Needhaano penne needhaano
Bharathiye sollum soppanamo

Munnaale kanne unnaale
naan oru iragaai midhandheney

En thendral aagi nee varuvaai
Madhi mayakum maargam tharuvaai
kaathirupen anbe
uyir aadhaarame ......

En uyire..... En uyire .....

English Translation
I tried my best :)

My soul, My soul
Come closer, beautiful girl

Time came, quenched my thirst
What is this magic I am singing?

I got desires, stopped by angry
I would say, you are my breeze

My soul, My soul
Come closer, beautiful girl

Everywhere, you are everywhere
Just see, you are within me

Don’t go away, honey, don’t go away
I am nothing without you

Allow me to tell one word
I will live the life within
That moment
Address of my soul

Are you? Girl, are you?
Dream that said by Bharathi

Before, honey, coz of you
I floated like a feather

You should come like my breeze
And give unconsciousness to my mind
Honey, I will wait for you
Address of my soul..

My soul, My soul..
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