Anbae Peranbae Song Meaning English

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NGK song Anbae Peranbae Aka Anbe Peranbe Lyrics with English Meaning/ translation. Certain words are pure Tamizh and it will be difficult to translate exactly in English.  I tried my best :).


anbe anbe
peranbe, peranbe

yeno iravodu oliyaai
koodum uravondru ketkiren
varai meerum ivalin aasai
niraivera paarkiren.
nadhi serum kadalin
meedhu mazhai
Neeraai seruven.

amuthe peramuthe
pen manadhin kanavin
yaekkam theerkumaa

madhiyai than madhiyai
ivan azhagin pinbam
kangal paarkumaa

mazhai vaanam
manalenna koosumo.
malargal kooda
oorenna thootrumo

thiraiye thirai kadale
un adhirum anbu
madhilai thaanduthe

nenjoram thoongum
mogam kannoram
thoobam poda
sollaatha ragasiyam
oorketka yenguthey

thunaivarum yosanai.
ninaivinil manakkuthu
un vaasanai.
ellaame ondraaga
seval koovuthe

kodai kaalathin
karkaalam thoorum.
aalillaatha kaatilum
boopaalam ketkum.

anbe peranbe
nizhalgal vannam
aaguthe, aaguthe
urave, nam urave
oru anuvin pirivil
andril aaguthe aaguthe

sollin porulai
mozhi ingu
anbil vazha
oru aayil podhumo.

English Translation

Love ..  love ..
my love …

Longing for a relationship
to come out of darkness.
Looking to fulfill her
limitless desire.
Like a rain,
I’ll mix into
the sea.

honey..hey honey
will there be an end
to the anxiety of the
girl’s dream ?

Will her eye
see his image
with her mind ?
or will fail ?

while the rainy sky
does land tingles?
when flowers gather
together, does
people abuse ?

hey wave, sea wave
your terrible love is
crossing the limit,
and kindles me.

lust in my heart,
Incenses my eyes.
you’re an
untold secret
the world is
waiting to hear.

Your thoughts are
with me when alone.
Your aroma arises
while remembering you.
everything changes
into one thought,
to marry you..

Rainy clouds will shed
during rainy season.
Even in no man’s forest
tune is heard.

Love, my love
shadow of life path
is changing
Our relationship ends
when we aren’t
together for a second.

Does a language
can bear ? if meaning
of words isn’t
understood ?
Does one life enough,
to live a life
with full of love. ?