Anthathi 96 Song Lyrics English Meaning

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Anthathi 96 Song Lyrics with English Meaning. I tried it based on my understanding, the original meaning might vary based on the original lyrics written by author

Anthaathi Song Lyrics English Meaning

Lyrics in Thanglish

peranbe kadhal
ulnoki aadungindra aadal
sadhaa, aaraadha aaval
yedhedho saayal aetri
thririyum kadhal

theeyil theeraadha kaatril
pul poondil puluvil
uladhu adhu..

thaane, ellaamum aagi
naam kaanum aroobame
ithiyaagi kadhal
illaatha podhum
thaedum thaedal
sadhaa, maaradhu kadhal
mandraadum podhum
maatru karuthil modhum
maalaadhu oodal.

naam indha theeyil
veedu kattum theekuchi
naam indha kaattil
oonjal kattum thoosi

naam indha neeril
vaazhkai ootum
neer poochi.
naam indha kaambil
kaamathin rusi.

kadhal kanneeril nilam nee
kadhal vinmeen megam nee
kadhal meiyaana vadham nee
kaalandhorum thodarum dairy

kadhal dheiveega edhiri
kadhal saththaanin visiri
kadhal aanmaavin …
vazhndhu petra degree

oh,, vidaikulle vinaavellaam
pathunguthe haa..
karaindhathe maraindhathe
mudinthathe haa..

konjum pooraname vaa
nee konjam
panja varna boodham
nenjam neraiyudhe

kadhale kadhale
thaniperum thunaiye
kooda vaa kooda vaa

kadhale kadhale
vazhvin neelam
kooda va

English Translation

Love of love
It’s a behaviour within one.
an endless eagerness.
love is there with its own
different shades.
need a specialised search
to find it!

In fire, in air
It is  there

Love becomes everything
That what we see everywhere.
Love sacrifice itself.
We search when we
couldn’t find it.
love’ll never change
when we plead,
it will hit us in other ways
The fight never ends.

We are matchsticks
building house in fire.
We are the dust building
swings in this forest.

We are water pest
living our life
in water.
We are the taste
of lust here.

Love is tears….
Love is star, you’re the sky
Love is truth, you’re the argument
It’s a dairy that all your life time

Love is the enemy
Love is satan’s fan
Love is souls  ..
Its an achieved degree

Oh.. questions are
hiding within the answer.
Dissolving.. Disappearing..
It ended..ha..

My cuddling world, come
my prattling
beautiful harmony
spirit of 5 elements
filling the heart
Whatever seen
Is love!!

Love, love..
a big liftime aid
come with me
come with me
Its enough

Love, love
till end of life
Shall we go ?
you should
come with me…

Peranbu Kadhal Anthaathi Nee Lyrics From 96 Movie