Latcham Calorie Lyrics Yaan Song Lyrics

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Song: Latcham calorie
Singer(s): Arjun Menon, Chinmayi   
Movie: Yaan
Music:  Harrish Jeyaraj
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay
Lyrics in Thanglish
Exact translation of tamil words
Latcham calorie
ottrai muththathil
idhal ottum saththathil
cell-il paravudhey.
Kodi vinaadigal
endhan nenjaththil
unnai konjum ganaththil
naadi thudikkudhey.

OH..oraayiram anukkal
nooraayiram thissukkal
ondraagave silirkkum
nee paarvai ondrai veesinaaley.
neuron-galum sinungum
proton-galum mayangum
en penmayum kirangum
nee muththa vaarthai pesinaaley.

Latcham calorie ..

Unnaal enakkul pudhidhaaga
muththa phobia.
poovaai vizhikkul nee kadhal
thoovi poviyaa.

Olive pookkalaal aadai anindhu
holland veedhiyil selvom nadandhu.

pani pani adhu pozhiya
iruvadhu viral inaya
ini ini idhal nanaya
uyir uyir mella mella malara.

Latcham calorie …

Lesaai anaiththaai
ulmoochum vetpam kondadudhey.
unmel inaiththaai
uyir muththam jillaa maaruthey

unpol penmayayai uttru rasithaal
thaenpol nenjamum thiththiirukkum.

kiwi kani ival thaana ?
kavvi kolla idham thaanaa ?
thulli cendru viduvenaa
niththam unnai adaindhaenaa

Latcham calorie …

English Translation
I tried my best 🙂
One lakh calories
spreading in my cells
with this one kiss
with the sound of lips.
one crore times
in my heart
while blandishing you
my pulse is raising.

one thousand atom and
hundred thousand tissues
will join together
when you see me.
neuron’s whine
proton’s faint
my womanliness will die
when you talk with adoring words.

One lakh calories

coz of you
am suffering from kiss-phobia.
won’t you sprinkle love
into my eyes ?

By dressing Olive flowers,
we shall walk in the street of  holland.

let the snow shower
let our fingers pair
let the lips get wet
let our soul blossom slowly.

One lakh calories

give me a light hug,
let my breath celebrates.
pull me on you,
let my soul freeze.

your adorable womanliness
makes my heart so sweet.

is she a kiwi fruit ?
so pretty to bite?
will I get away ?
I got you forever.

One lakh calories ..